• “Need to cheer up an unhappy digestive system? Try Natur Boutique’s new artichoke tea…”
    Health & Fitness magazine

  • “This fruity blend of tropical berry, Garcinia Cambogia, along with green tea, java tea and liquorice, is said to help to reduce appetite and fat levels.”

  • Garcinia Cambogia “is reported to aid weight loss. Free from all nasty chemicals, it has a lovely lemony taste… ”

  • “Best For All Over Health – Natur Boutique Jiaogulan Revitalise”
    Fit & Well magazine

  • “A tea for your knees. Creeky joints? Try Natur Boutique Burdock Root Tea…”
    Woman Magazine

  • “Could this be an answer to stopping the fight for the last doughnut in the box?”

  • Natur Boutique’s Organic Ginger Tea is tasty and spicy without being bitter.
    Running Fitness Magazine

  • “Unlock the secret of flower tea and feel blooming marvellous.”
    Manchester Evening News

  • “Swap a cup of tea or coffee (caffeine can make feel you anxious) for a lemongrass tea to help ease anxiety and tension.”
    Bella magazine

  • “Some fruit and herbal teas can taste sickly and too strong, but I could drink this all day.” The Sun

  • “…contains pure turmeric to ensure you get maximum benefits, and by using slow grown turmeric without the use of pesticides the taste is subtle yet spicy.”
    Yoga Magazine

  • “10 best sleep teas that make bedtime a breeze.”
    The Independent

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  • “The drink used reishi mushrooms known for their health benefits.”
    Yoga Magazine

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