Anton Le Khak
Anton Le KhakFounder

Hello tea lovers…

My name’s Anton and I set up Natur Boutique after leaving university in 2008, from my tiny London house share. My uni classmates went into investment banking (a popular choice at the time), but my heart was elsewhere. My parents ran, and still run to this day, a herbal remedy factory and several health food shops, and I’ve always shared their passion for health and wellbeing.

I started selling my favourite herbal teas, such as Artichoke Tea and Lemongrass Tea, to a few local health food stores. My focus was on bringing new varieties of herbal tea to the UK, with quality and sustainability as a driving force to my choices.

Since those early days I have increased Natur Boutique’s herbal tea range, added natural supplements to our offering, and produced own label products for well-known high street brands.

Natur Boutique as a brand is here to deliver genuinely unique products with real health benefits at great prices.

Whether you are a customer with a question about one of our teas, a store looking to stock them or a brand owner hoping to produce your own blends, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.